My Philosopy: A Disclaimer

My sobriety has relied on two schools of philosophy to help make sense of everything that goes through my head on a daily basis: Stoicism and the teachings of Christ/letters of Paul.

In a nutshell, stoicism is an ancient Greek philosophy that focuses on personal ethics informed by logic and its view of the natural world. It is about living in the moment, controlling your desires, seeking justice and equality, using logic and reason to understand the world we live in. Personally, it has taught me a lot about accountability and what it means to have virtue in our ever-burgeoning world of material value. These values are found in the writings of Marcus Aurelius, Epictetus, and Seneca, among others.

For me, the teachings of Christ boil down to a few basic tenants: love one another, be kind, treat others well, control your desires, do not be tempted by wrongdoing. There is much more to it than those values.

Consequently, these are not the only two schools I study.

I will continue to expand on these ideas throughout the course of my personal growth. But please know that I view my daily life based around these philosophical schools.

Because I use it as a daily “devotional” of sorts, I will often pull heavily from Ryan Holiday’s book The Daily Stoic. Some days, I may take what I have read for that day and expound my own thoughts on his words. Same goes for the Bible.

Ultimately, my personal goal is to strive to use philosophy as a way to expand my mind and cope with addiction.